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June 29, 2017

$160,500,000.00 Verdict

Security Personnel at Las Vegas Night Club Attack Man Causing a Traumatic Brain Injury

Congratulations to Rahul Ravipudi, Deborah Chang, Tom Schultz, Matthew Stumpf and Jake Douglass of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP in Los Angeles, California for the $160,500,000.00 verdict they obtained on behalf of their client, a hedge fund manager from New York, who was assaulted at a night club and in turn suffered a traumatic brain injury amongst other injuries.  

The Plaintiff was at a Las Vegas night club when the manager and security officers forced him into a security room and demanded to see his identification and credit card. He was put into a chokehold,  had his head slammed into a steel door, and was placed on the ground where the security officers and manager repeatedly hit and smashed the Plaintiff’s head into the concrete

The shear Injury exhibit was used to demonstrate the mechanism of injury. It shows the initial impact of the skull and brain followed by rebound and deceleration. The bottom illustrations explain shearing force and diffuse axonal injury in more detail.

Shortly after the incident, the Plaintiff sought medical care and was diagnosed with a concussion. He also suffered a bruised right eye; head swelling; and sore arms, knees, and neck. It wasn’t until 2 years later that a Las Vegas neurosurgeon diagnosed the Plaintiff with a traumatic brain injury related to the incident. His work performance managing a $1 billion hedge fund had plummeted as a result of the injury. He can no longer get work in his field.

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP argued that the Defendant’s actions constituted assault, battery, false imprisonment, negligence, and warranted punitive damages. The Defense counsel argued that the Plaintiff head butted the manager when he tried to tell him there was a problem with his signature on the bill, which warranted the actions taken. There was no evidence of the alleged head butt on the security video. The Defense also claimed that the Plaintiff did not suffer injury or permanent damage during the incident.

“When the TBI is tiny or invisible, you have to find a way to show the jury what is happening on a microscopic level. Our expert really appreciated the hard work and research that has gone into this video — it is beautifully done with great colors, effective animation, and labels … a TBI can truly be invisible … the small brain anomaly represented thousands of axons that were undetectable.”     


– Deborah Chang, Panish Shea & Boyle

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP partnered with MediVisuals to develop multiple illustrations and an animation of the Plaintiff’s injuries. They were challenged with proving the permanent brain injury. Although an MRI later detected a diffuse axonal injury, it was very small. Panish Shea & Boyle LLP had to find a way to educate the jury that a TBI can truly be invisible, that a person who has one can look, sound, and appear to be normal or even better than normal, but the small traumatically induced brain damage represented thousands of axons that were undetectable. They, “used excerpts from the video [MediVisuals Neuron & Murder Suicide: Traumatic Axonal Injury Resulting in Delayed and/or Progressive Symptoms Animation] and [made slides from] still frames of the video to show the jury how axons are damaged and cannot always be detected by a CT scan or MRI.  It complimented our expert neurologist’s testimony perfectly — and because seeing is truly believing, the jury was able to understand this complex process immediately, --Rahul Ravipudi.

As a hedge fund manager in 2011, the Plaintiff was making $11 million a year. Based on his earning potential, the Defendants cost him hundreds of millions of dollars. The jury awarded, in the Plaintiff’s favor, $23 million for losses of past earnings, $79.5 million for future loss of earnings, $20 million for past pain & suffering, and $38 million for future pain & suffering: totaling $160,500,000.00 in compensatory damages and made a finding of malice which lead to a punitive damage phase of trial.  The case settled before the punitive verdict was entered or read which was an additional $49,000,000.00 bringing the total verdict to $209,500,000.00.

Still Images and Animation Developed for Case

Click on Image below to enlarge

Still from Neuron Suicide and Murder Animation: Calcium ions flowing uncontrollably into a small tear in the membrane of an axon.

Still from Neuron Suicide and Murder Animation: Release of self-destructive substances from injured axon into surrounding fluid, where they are transported to and begin to break down nearby, healthy, functional axons.

Still from Neuron Suicide and Murder Animation: Destructive electrical and chemical impulses being discharged from a terminal bulb.

Still from Neuron Suicide and Murder Animation: "Island" of spreading injured axons and terminal bulbs.

Neuron Suicide and Murder: Traumatic Axonal Injury Resulting in Delayed and/or Progressive Symptoms  |  Fully Narrated Eight-Minute Animation

This animation accurately and effectively explains the complexities of traumatic axonal injury and neuron “suicide and murder.” It demonstrates how incidents of TBI can initially go undetected because symptoms may not be immediately evident, and areas of injury and cell death can be too small for traditional imaging studies to detect. These symptoms may progressively worsen as the cascade of cell death continues, ultimately resulting in devastating brain injuries that do not fully develop until weeks or months after  the initial incident.

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March 23, 2017

$500,000 Verdict – Women Falls on Ice Outside of Housing Complex

Congratulations to John E. Basilone, Esq. of Goss & Fentress, PLC, in Norfolk, Virginia for the $500,000.00 verdict obtained on behalf of his client, a 47-year-old female who fell on snow and ice & suffered a severe dislocation and fractures of her right ankle........

October 20, 2016

$18,126,600 Verdict - Lack of Continuous Electronic Monitoring During Labor Causes Life Changing Disabilities

Congratulations to Kenneth M Suggs, Esq. of Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC, in Columbia, South Carolina, for the $18,126,600.00 verdict he obtained on behalf of his client, a mother who gave birth to a baby with low Apgar scores and extreme acidosis due to lack of continuous electronic monitoring. The child now suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, cannot walk, and cannot speak .........

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