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Neuron Suicide and Murder: Traumatic Axonal Injury Resulting in Delayed and/or Progressive Symptoms

Fully Narrated Eight-Minute Animation


$2,250 (first case per firm)

$600 (each subsequent case per firm)

This eight-minute animation accurately and effectively explains the complexities of traumatic axonal injury and neuron “suicide and murder.” It demonstrates how incidents of TBI can initially go undetected because symptoms may not be immediately evident, and areas of injury and cell death can be too small for traditional imaging studies to detect. These symptoms may progressively worsen as the cascade of cell death continues, ultimately resulting in devastating brain injuries that do not fully develop until weeks or months after  the initial incident.


“This amazing demonstrative aid is the crucial tool that attorneys have been waiting for to help juries and adjusters understand why brain injury is a process over time and not an event. It clearly explains the delays in symptoms that are so common in these cases and that too often prove fatal to a jury fully understanding and accepting delays in diagnosis. This animation explains the science and medicine of diffuse axonal injury better than any visual or demonstrative aid I have seen. This animation explains the science and medicine of diffuse axonal injury better than any visual or demonstrative aid I have seen. It is the crucial missing link that brain injury attorneys all over the country have been waiting for to prove these cases. It is a game changer.”

Steven M. Gursten

Michigan Auto Law

"Brilliant video! I look forward to working with you again soon.”

David E. Ross, M.D.

Director, Virginia Institute of Neuropsychiatry

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Medical Legal Educational Blog

Topic: Delayed Onset and Progressive Worsening of Neurological Symptoms Following Traumatic Brain Injury (neuron suicide and murder).  ​​​​​​​  

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