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January 7, 2020

$30,839,000.00 Verdict :

Drunk Hit-and-Run of College Girl Causes Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Congratulations to Mark Avera, Esq. of Avera & Smith, LLP (Gainsville, FL) and Don Hinkle, Esq. of Hinkle & Foran (Tallahassee, FL) for their success in obtaining a verdict of over $30m on behalf of their 18-year-old Plaintiff in a Dram Shop hit-and-run case resulting in a severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

The case was brought against two bars in Tallahassee: Potbelly’s, who was responsible for serving the underaged driver, and Cantina 101, who was responsible for serving the underaged, pedestrian Plaintiff.  Potbelly’s admittedly, knowingly, and illegally served alcohol to an underaged off-duty employee who then left the bar and proceeded to drive his pick-up truck at excessive through the streets around Florida State University.  Extensive discovery efforts showed the under aged driver had received a 50% employee discount and had purchased 18 beers and 6 bourbons.   

At the same time as the driver was becoming intoxicated, 18-year-old plaintiff was knowingly and illegally served alcohol at Cantina 101.  She left the bar and was walking back to the dorm where she was staying.  Before she could finish crossing the street, she was struck by the speeding pick-up truck.  The intoxicated driver then fled the scene, leaving the 18-year-old girl with a severe traumatic brain injury that has robbed her of the ability to walk, talk, feed herself, bathe, or perform other basic, human activities.

Potbelly’s made an initial settlement offer of just $10,000 and attempted to use the Plaintiff’s intoxication to minimize their culpability in this tragic event.  Using illustrations created by MediVisuals, which demonstrated The Plaintiff’s injuries and aided her physiatrist in explaining the nature and lifelong effects of those injuries, the Plaintiff’s counsel were able to secure an award of $30.839 million.  



Plaintiffs’ Injuries and Surgical Procedures

Selected Exhibits (Click on Image to Enlarge)

Initial Intracranial Injuries: left epidural and subdural hematomas illustrated to correlate with the CT Films.

Craniectomy & Evacuation Surgery performed to remove the epidural and subdural hematoma. An intracranial monitor was placed.

Tracheostomy Surgery: an incision was made on the anterior aspect of the neck and a tube was inserted into the widepipe.

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