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$1,500,000 Verdict – Woman Falls Down Unsafe Stairwell

May 18, 2017

Congratulations to Donald G. Liddy, Esq. and Paula Jovell, Esq. of Liddy Law Firm for the $1,500,000 verdict they obtained on behalf of their client, who fell down a basement staircase and fractured her upper arm and wrist.

The Plaintiff was working on the premises owned by the Defendant when she stepped into what she thought was a closet and fell down the stairs into the basement. She broke her right humerus and left radius requiring an open reduction and internal fixation.

Plaintiff claimed that the stairway was too steep and lacked an appropriate handrail. She claimed that the Defendants knew of the dangerous condition but failed to warn or make safe.

Defendant argued that the Plaintiff was inattentive and that the stairs were not dangerous. Defendant admitted liability just before trial. The highest offer prior to trial was $200,001.

The jury came back with a verdict for the Plaintiff for $1,500,000 in general damages. Total recovery with prejudgment interest and costs will be $2.1 million. Plaintiff waived economic damages so the $300,000.00 settlement with the co-defendant will not be off-set.

Liddy Law Firm partnered with MediVisuals to develop multiple illustrations of the Plaintiff’s injuries and surgical procedure.

Illustrations Developed for Case

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Summary of Injuries

ORIF of Left Wrist

ORIF of Right Proximal Humerus

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March 23, 2017

$500,000 Verdict – Women Falls on Ice Outside of Housing Complex

Congratulations to John E. Basilone, Esq. of Goss & Fentress, PLC, in Norfolk, Virginia for the $500,000.00 verdict obtained on behalf of his client, a 47-year-old female who fell on snow and ice & suffered a severe dislocation and fractures of her right ankle........

October 20, 2016

$18,126,600 Verdict - Lack of Continuous Electronic Monitoring During Labor Causes Life Changing Disabilities

Congratulations to Kenneth M Suggs, Esq. of Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC, in Columbia, South Carolina, for the $18,126,600.00 verdict he obtained on behalf of his client, a mother who gave birth to a baby with low Apgar scores and extreme acidosis due to lack of continuous electronic monitoring. The child now suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, cannot walk, and cannot speak .........


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