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June 13, 2019

$81,000,000.00 Verdict :

Navy Veteran Sustained Multiple Gun Shot Wounds During a Robbery at a Grocery Store

Congratulations to Mike Moran, Pete Law, and Denise Hoying of the  Law & Moran firm in Atlanta Georgia for the recent $81,000,000.00 verdict they obtained on behalf of a Navy veteran who sustained multiple gun shot wounds during a robbery and carjacking at a Kroger store.  The gunshot wounds resulted in multiple injuries and necessitated multiple invasive surgeries.  The injuries left the victim with multiple permanent injuries including paraplegia.
The Law and Moran team was able to prove that  Kroger Company (one of the world’s largest food retailers with fiscal 2018 sales of 121.2B)  knew the store was in an area of Atlanta with high crime and that was unsafe, but the corporation failed to provide adequate security for the store’s employees and shoppers in the parking lot where the attack and robbery occurred.
When the parking lot shooting occurred, the only security officer (contracted through a local security company) was at his assigned post at the entrance of the store.  Testimony revealed the two assailants had been seen “hanging around” the parking lot on this, and prior occasions. After the victim surrendered his car keys at gunpoint, the assailants shot him somewhere between 11 and 14 times.  The OnStar security system on the stolen vehicle soon lead officers to the vehicle and the assailants were captured.
Kroger, Western Union, and the local security company were named in the law suit.  Claims included premises liability, nuisance and negligence.  Western Union was dismissed prior to trial after determining it was neither owner nor occupier of the premises and had no employees on site.
The plaintiff’s medical bills at the time of trial were in excess of $4.5 million.  Prior to trial, the highest defense offer was $1 million.  The  lowest pre-trial offer to settle the case by the plaintiffs was $30 million. During the trial, defense offers to settle reached $12 million, but those amounts were declined.  The Kroger defense team argued they were not responsible for the “heinous actions” of the assailants and that the plaintiff’s claim was “mired in speculation that additional security measure could have prevented the subject criminal attack from occurring.”
During closing arguments, Pete Law asked the jury to award $80 million in damages. After a day-and-a-half of deliberation, the jury awarded $81 million in total damages. The jury attributed 86% of the fault to Kroger and 14% to two other Non-Party individuals so the total award to the plaintiff was $69,660,000.00.  $60 million of the award was attributed to “pain and suffering, mental suffering, physical injury, inconvenience, and physical impairment in the past and into the future.”
In conversations with the jurors after the trial, Pete Law said jurors indicted, “. . . to them, it was a clear case, a strong case of negligence,” and “Kroger had no security in the parking lot, and they knew they should have had it.”
MediVisuals  developed several medical illustrations to demonstrate the most impressive injuries as well as several to demonstrate the additional bodily trauma the plaintiff had to undergo as a result of the initial injuries. ( Examples of a few of the exhibits are shown below)



Plaintiffs’ Injuries and Surgical Procedures

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