$1M Verdict: Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm, LLC

$1,062,809.15 Verdict

Man on Bicycle Struck by Car and Suffered Multiple injuries

Congratulations to Mark Kosieradzki, Esq. and Andrew D. Gross, Esq. of Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm, LLC in Plymouth, MN for the $1,062,809.15 verdict they obtained on behalf of their client, a 49 year-old bicyclist who suffered a fractured sacrum and musculoskeletal injuries after being struck by a car.

The Plaintiff was riding his bicycle when the Defendant took a right hand turn and drove into the path of the Plaintiff. The impact of the collision caused him to fall off his bike and make contact with the ground, causing a fractured sacrum and musculoskeletal injuries throughout his neck and back. The Plaintiff was initially treated with massage and chiropractic care and the majority of his neck and back problems resolved favorably. However, a deep pain in his sacrum persisted. Nearly three years after the collision, the Plaintiff was diagnosed with pudendal neuropathy. Following the diagnosis, he has treated with physical therapy, massage therapy, pain management therapy, and various home remedies such as restricting the amounts that he sits, using ice packs frequently, and using a split saddle on his bicycle.

Mr. Gross argued that the impact to the Plaintiff’s sacral region was sufficiently powerful to fracture his sacrum, so it was also powerful enough to damage the pudendal nerve. The Defense counsel argued that the pudendal nerve injury was most likely caused by the Plaintiff riding his bicycle, as bicycle riding is a common-known cause of pudendal neuropathy. The Defense stressed that the fact that the Plaintiff was not diagnosed until three years after the collision was solid evidence that something besides the collision caused the pudendal neuropathy. Furthermore, Defense argued that the Plaintiff did not mitigate his damages because he did not want to take medications, surgeries, etc. Defense also argue that the Plaintiff’s pre-existing back injuries were the primary cause of his back and neck pain.

The original offer from the Defense was $150,000.00. The Jury came back with a $1,062,809.15 verdict in favor of the Plaintiff.

Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm, LLC partnered with MediVisuals to develop multiple illustrations of the Plaintiff’s injuries. Selected Exhibits shown below.