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$10.75 Million Jury Verdict: Breit Biniazan

Jury Delivers Verdict Resulting in Overall Recovery of $10.75 Million for School Service Project-Related Injury Congratulations to Kevin Biniazan and Scott Perry of Breit Biniazan for successfully holding a Charlottesville private boarding school accountable for the injury their 15-year-old plaintiff sustained during an unsafe mandatory school service project. Plaintiff alleged that the school was negligent…

Policy Limit Settlement of $1,000,000 for Cervical Fusion Case Despite COVID Obstacles

Policy Limit Settlement of $1,000,000 for Cervical Fusion Case Despite COVID Obstacles   42-year-old Antonio Mickens suffered cervical spine injuries after the vehicle he was driving was sideswiped by a dump truck on 6/23/20. As a result, Mr. Mickens experienced progressive pain across the neck and right shoulder. An MRI study taken a month after…

$37.5 Million Confidential Settlement: Fried Goldberg

$37.5 Million Confidential Settlement in Tough Liability Case – Plaintiff Rear-ended Stopped Tractor-Trailer Congratulations to Fried Goldberg, LLC attorneys Joe Fried and Nathan Gaffney, and paralegal Brianne Kunkel, for their recent settlement of a case involving a young man who crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer that had stopped in the center lane of a three-lane highway due to mechanical…

$8M Settlement: The Dordick Law Corporation

Dordick Law Corporation Settles “Mild” TBI case for $8,000,000 Congratulations to Gary Dordick, Esq. and Christopher Bulone, Esq. of the Dordick Law Corporation in Beverly Hills, California for their exceptional representation of a motorcyclist who was involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer.  Their client was wearing a helmet with no face protection, which contributed to multiple…

$0 Initial Offer: Todd Romano – Romano Law Group

Successful Resolution in $0 Initial Offer: Two Plaintiffs Involved in a Test Drive Gone Wrong Congratulations to Todd Romano of the Romano Law Group in West Palm Beach, Florida and Thomas Robes of Robes Law Group in Delray Beach, Florida for their recent result on behalf of two Plaintiffs in a case involving a test drive gone wrong and complications from prior injuries.  The…

$7.361M Verdict: The Carlson Law Firm

$7,361,314.00 Texas Jury Verdict: Cervical Fusion Case with Hard Contested Causation Congratulations to partners Todd Kelly, Esq. and Jaime Lynn, Esq. of The Carlson Law Firm in Austin, Texas for overcoming the challenges of a difficult contested causation case and securing a $7.361 million verdict, both achieving justice for their client and helping to ensure safer practices on the part of…

$81M Verdict: Law & Moran Attorneys at Law

$81,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Inadequate Security Results in Multiple Gun Shot Wounds to Navy Veteran Customer During Grocery Store Robbery Congratulations to Pete Law, Mike Moran and Denise Hoying of the Law & Moran firm in Atlanta Georgia for the recent $81,000,000.00 verdict they obtained on behalf of a Navy veteran who sustained multiple gunshot wounds…

Settlement for Frivolous Defenses: Michael Maggiano

Successful Settlement for Plaintiff in Med Mal case with Frivolous Defenses Congratulations to Michael Maggiano and his team for their success in obtaining a just settlement for their plaintiff, as well as thanks to them for the improvements in health care in New Jersey that will come about because of their efforts.  Mr. Maggiano recognized multiple negligent…

MediVisuals®Powerful visual exhibit helps a CA law firm secure a $5.65 million verdict in a challenging, non-specific brain injury case

On April 18, 2019 city employees were hydro-jetting the city sewer lines 55-year-old Juan Rodriguez was driving on a public road when the jetter device popped an upstream manhole cover causing a rush of water to fly out from underground sending high pressure water into his eyes. As a result, Mr. Rodriguez suffered significant eye and brain traumas.

The Plaintiff contacted Taylor Ernst of Ernst Law Group in San Luis Obispo, CA to help with his claim against the city. While the initial medical findings were unspecified, Mr. Rodriguez’s condition was constant and significant with the prognosis on his vision being ‘cannot be repaired to normal vision’. However, his injuries evolved over time as is such the case with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Taylor knew this was going to be a difficult case due to the non-specific brain findings.

Despite the challenging factors, the Ernst Law Group worked hard to build a strong case for their client. The firm engaged with MediVisuals, Inc. to create illustrations that showed the injuries from white matter lesions visible on images from an MRI brain study completed in September 2021.

Believing the case was weak, opposing counsel offered $0 upfront. The jury disagreed, and Mr. Rodriguez was awarded $5.65 million dollar verdict.

‘Medivisuals recently provided us with illustrations that were crucial in helping us secure a verdict of 5.65 million dollars with the only finding being “white matter lesions” on a recent challenging, non-specific brain injury case. Their effective and powerful images were key in swaying the jury to this tremendous outcome – especially since opposing counsel offered $0.’

– Taylor Ernst, TBI Specialist – Ernst Law Group

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