Medical Legal Custom Illustrations

Custom Medical Legal Illustrations are developed to accurately demonstrate specific injuries, surgeries, etc. that are relatively unique and cannot be adequately demonstrated through the use of generic medical exhibits.  To develop a Medical Legal Illustration that is customized to your case, contact MediVisuals.

Just as every person’s face is unique, subtle differences make each person’s internal anatomy unique as well.  Injuries also occur in unique ways, which require different and specific surgical approaches.  To accurately and truthfully represent the distinct differences within each injury and surgery, “case specific” images must be custom-made to reflect the unique details in each case.

This section features examples of “case specific” (or “custom”) medical legal images created for individual cases.  If you are considering a custom medical exhibit, get started quickly and efficiently by calling and discussing your case with one of MediVisuals’ knowledgeable medical illustrators and visual consultants.

MediVisuals’ Process for Custom Illustrations

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