MediVisuals Illustrations Help McKnight Law Firm Secure a Settlement Three Times Larger than Initial Settlement Offer

Before a 41,000-pound empty flatbed tractor trailer rear-ended the plaintiff’s sedan, she had no history of low back pain. But, immediately following the collision, she suffered left-sided sacroiliac pain with radiation into her left lower extremity, treated by the emergency room. She was then treated by her family doctor, an orthopedist, and a pain management doctor. A series of MRIs, surgeries and physical therapy did not fully relieve the plaintiff’s pain.


To win the case, Jody V. McKnight of the McKnight Law Firm in Charleston, S.C., knew she faced a challenge in communicating complex medical conditions and causation to a jury through physician testimony. McKnight decided to partner with MediVisuals to create medical illustrations for the MRI findings, showing fluid in the L4/5 facet joint and a cyst at L4/5. Additionally, the team created a Motion Enhanced Visuals® demonstrative showing the true extent of the injuries clearly and concisely.

Ultimately, the illustrations aided the firm in settling for $1,800,000 after an initial settlement offer of just $520,000.

“We used the MediVisuals illustrations to assist the pain management physician and neurosurgeon in explaining [the plaintiff’s] lower back defects and how those defects were caused by the rear end collision. The physicians were very impressed with our illustrations. It made it so much easier for them to explain complex medical conditions, the cause of those conditions, and the medical procedures associated with those conditions. There is no question that the MediVisuals illustrations contributed to the eventual settlement amount of $1,800,000.00, two months before the trial date.”

  • Jody V. McKnight, McKnight Law Firm, Charleston, South Carolina