Powerful Mechanism of Injury Visuals

MediVisuals has developed many demonstrative aids to help you accurately and effectively demonstrate initial trauma mechanisms (falls, auto collisions, dog attacks, gun shot injuries, electrocution, etc.), which educate and evoke emotional responses from those you are trying to reach.  Options include illustrations and animations.


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Illustrations  |  Examples

MediVisuals can create impactful illustrated exhibits showing various "Mechanism of Injury," "Moment of Impact," or other "Accident Reconstruction" type scenarios.  With the proper references to support the production of accurate renderings, these visuals can be very compelling.  Several examples of exhibits developed by members of our team follow, grouped in categories related to subject focus.

Auto & Pedestrian Collisions  |  Examples

Product & Premises Liability  |  Examples

  Professional Liability  |  Examples

Worksite Injuries  |  Examples

Other Trauma  |  Examples

Motion Enhanced Visuals |  Examples

Exhibits created for a case are transformed into action sequences created for use in a powerpoint presentation. With transitions and other effects, the images can seamlessly be advanced by a click of a button or timed automatically within the program to be exported as a video.

Motion Enhanced

Presentation Video

Exhibit Sequence

Sequences  |  Examples

Motion Enhanced

Presentation Video

Bullet Pathway Sequence 

Motion Enhanced

Presentation Video

Car Crash


Animation  |  Examples

MediVisuals can also create impactful animations (videos) showing various "Mechanism of Injury,"  "Moment of Impact," or other "Accident Reconstruction" type scenarios should interest and budget support this product (note: the production schedule requirements associated with story-boarding and preparing animations is much greater than that necessary to prepare static illustrated exhibits - thus cost for animation production is higher). Please contact us for more information.

Headbutt Incident Reenactment


Bus Incident Trauma


Electrocution: Injury to the Brain


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