Blausen Stock Medical Legal Animations

To expand our commitment to provide the most cost-effective medical visuals to the legal community, MediVisuals is proud to announce we are now the EXCLUSIVE provider of Blausen Medical animations for legal advertising and litigation. Blausen Medical has the world’s largest collection of medical animations. Their high quality, accurate animations are also very effective when placed on legal websites — not only improving the website SEO but also driving visitors to the firm site and keeping them there.

Animation Categories

Please click the category below to view several hundred of the most applicable Blausen animations for litigation use. The videos can be edited if they are not exactly what you need. (Please keep in mind that some edits are much more time consuming than others, so if an animation is “almost” what you need, contact us right away to discuss desired modifications.)

Blausen Animations  |  Licensing Rates


Fees quoted are for licensing the use of the animations to resolve or litigate disputes, restricted to use in one specific dispute, and the provided video will be subtly watermarked with the case caption (___v ___).

  • Up to 30 secs: $995
  • 0:31 secs to 1:00: $1,595
  • 1:01 to 1:30: $1,995
  • 1:31 to 2:00: $2,295
  • Over 2 minutes: $2,495


Animations on law firm websites improve SEO and attract, as well as keep visitors. If you are interested in the use of segments of any animations on legal websites or TV advertising, please submit the below inquiry.

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