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MediVisuals provides the highest level of worry-free service available. Including superior case consultation and the development of accurate, cost-effective medical visual solutions for all your litigation needs.  They have more than 34 years of experience working with some of the nation's leading M.D.s , Ph.D.s, attorneys, and trial consultants. MediVisuals’ end products include truthful, understandable, and persuasive medical illustrations, animations, 3D digital models, 3D physical models, and interactive digital legal presentations. Call Today for your free case evaluation (800) 899-2153.

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MediVisuals is Under New Management

Bob L. Shepherd, MS, CMI, FAMI 

President  |  CEO

Chief Medical Illustrator

Visual Consultant

Lance J. LaFortune, BS  

Executive Vice President

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Rictor Lew, MFA, CMI 

Vice President, Western Operations

Senior Medical Illustrator

Visual Consultant

Rusty Jones, MS, FAMI

Creative Art Director - Western Region Senior Medical Illustrator | Consultant

Tara Rose, MA 

Medical Illustrator

Interactive Designer & Programmer

Sales / Visual Consultant

Start a Complementary* Case Review

After a brief discussion, MediVisuals consultants can advise you regarding the case records needed in order to propose visuals for you and your testifying expert to approve. Proposals include: exhibit descriptions, fees, and color samples of exhibits developed for similar cases when available.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

*Complementary up to 4 hours (covers 90% of cases)

PI Exhibits NOW - Discounted Generic Exhibits 

Connect to medivisuals.com/store to browse stock medical images that best lend themselves to reuse in multiple personal injury cases. These medical legal exhibits are available for purchase and immediate download to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Images purchased are projection resolution and available for $395.

MediVisuals' Illinois Client Testimonials

“When I need to explain difficult-to-understand medical issues to a jury, I go to MediVisuals. Their animations and demonstrative pictures are invaluable in the presentation of a case. MediVisuals works with you to accomplish your goals in putting the best final product before a jury for a price that makes sense for your case. After working with MediVisuals on several cases, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Patrick A. Salvi II, Esq.
Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices
Chicago, Illinois

"The [plaintiff name] case settled on the third day of trial for $6,250,000 and a waiver of the $290,000 worker's comp lien. Most of the exhibits prepared by MediVisuals had been used during various evidence depositions that were taken of the [plaintiff's] treating physicians. I received a number of compliments from the doctors who used the demonstrative boards on their anatomical accuracy and the accurate portrayal of the various surgical procedures performed on the [plaintiff's] back and wrist. Likewise, defense counsel (with whom I spent weeks on depositions) commented on the jury appeal of the exhibits and had favorable comments about exhibits that they had seen in other cases prepared by Medivisuals. All objections made to the use of the exhibits at the evidence depositions were overruled and the admissibility seemed without question. Thank you again for your hard work and the work of everyone at MediVisuals in helping to obtain a settlement that will make the future for [the plaintiffs] a little brighter."

Thomas P. Routh, Esq.
Chicago, Illinois