MediVisuals has several skilled medical model makers on staff who can create medical legal models to meet a specific need. Sculpting, casting, and 3D printing of digital models are all within our capabilities. Skilled and knowledgeable crafters able to create custom 3D “physical” as opposed to “digital” models are rare. Contact MediVisuals about creating models for your next medical case!

Life-Size Soft Brain Model | Click to play narrated demonstration

Price: $1295.00

MediVisuals’ soft brain model is perfect for demonstrating the weight, flexibility, and vulnerability of the human brain. It is very effective in explaining how a brain injury can occur even without evidence of a significant blow to the head. Life-size and made of silicone, the brain is soft to the touch and fits inside a standard skull. Clear plastic skull and carrying case are included with your purchase.

MediVisuals’ soft brain model is also a great educational tool for clinicians, professors, and grade school teachers.

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