Motion Enhanced™ Visuals |  Examples

Examples shown below are Motion Enhanced™ presentations 

built in Powerpoint and exported as a video.

Exhibits created for a case are transformed into action sequences created for use in a powerpoint presentation. With transitions and other effects, the images can seamlessly be advanced by a click of a button or timed automatically within the program to be exported as a video.

Exhibit Sequence

Subacromial Decompression Left Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Motion Enhanced™ Visuals |  Example

Powerful Chronology Demonstrating the Recklessness of the Defendant

Motion Enhanced™ Visuals  Example (narrated video)

This powerful chronology demonstrated the recklessness of the driver and also helped establish that the trucking company had failed to enforce its policy of prohibiting drivers from using their cell phones while driving their trucks.  


Using electronic logs of the truck with GPS coordinates, as well as the cell phone records of the truck driver, MediVisuals prepared an interactive chronology that tracked the movement of the truck and documented each time the driver was using his cell phone.  This powerful tool clearly established that the truck driver was routinely sending and receiving text messages while operating the tractor trailer.  In fact, at the time of the collision there was a download of data that was occurring on the driver’s phone.  All of this information pointed to the unmistakable fact that the truck drive was using his mobile device at or near the time of collision which distracted him and caused this horrific collision that left the Plaintiff paralyzed.  


This case settled for 5.5 million dollars which was the policy limits of the trucking company.  The plaintiffs were represented by Dino S. Colombo and Travis T. Mohler of Colombo Law in Morgantown, West Virginia.”