Having consulted on over 35,000 cases, MediVisuals’ experienced medical illustrators & consultants will discuss the case with you and provide advice on how to make the best decisions about the content of demonstrative aids and visual presentations. Let MediVisuals add a lasting impact to your arguments. Contact MediVisuals for a prompt and comprehensive response to your case needs.


Stock Illustrations & Animations

PI Exhibits NOW  
Visit medivisuals.com/store to browse stock images that best lend themselves to reuse in multiple cases. The exhibits are available for purchase and immediate download to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. You can Search and immediately download images using the search box or the categories listed. Images purchased are projection resolution and available for $395.

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Illustration Library  –
Connect to www.medivisuals1.com to browse through thousands of stock images by category or by using “keywords” and select relevant images.

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Call, explain your needs, and let MediVisuals’ experienced staff find relevant images for you.


Custom Illustrations & Animations

1. Call and Discuss Your Case(s) –
You will speak with a knowledgeable, experienced medical illustrator. After a brief discussion, they can tell you what records, imaging studies, etc., will be necessary for them to review. Up to three hours of consultation/case review time is complimentary (sufficient in over 75% of cases).

2.  Written Proposal Sent –
A proposal will be forwarded to you that will include a written description of proposed exhibits, 2) copies of available similar exhibits developed for previous cases, and 3) a quote for the proposed images.

3.  Upon Approval of Proposal 
Drafts of the images are developed and forwarded to you and your experts for review.

4.  Finals Prepared –
Based upon input on the drafts, final images are developed.

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