SHIPPING ALERT! At the Governor’s request, our physical office in Dallas, TX will be closed until further notice, with our medical illustrators working from home. 

Please do not ship or mail anything to the Dallas address. 

We encourage everyone to send case materials digitally using our secure HIPAA compliant server via our website’s “FILE UPLOAD” option on our homepage or by using an individual ShareFile link that we can provide via email. Medical records that are limited in size may also be faxed to 804-323-9632. All physical shipments should go to our Richmond, VA office, address is located at the bottom of the website, until further notice.

Products / Services 

MediVisuals is always innovating new methods for visualizing and communicating medical concepts, injuries, surgeries, etc. Please view the NEW! featured products below.  Let MediVisuals add a lasting impact to your arguments. Contact MediVisuals for a prompt and comprehensive response to your case needs.

 Digital Interactive Scan Selector: Interactive Presentation

Visually communicate a plaintiff’s head / brain injuries through custom-built software that allows the attorney to show all injuries, surgeries in one concise, impactful digital format that is easy to navigate and understand. It enables the user to use the clients CT / MRI scans and have the ability to turn illustrations and text on and off with a click of a button.

Featured: Summary of Injuries Exhibits

One of MediVisuals’ most frequently requested exhibits and one that results in the most positive feedback, is MediVisuals’ “Summary of Injuries” exhibits. They effectively highlight a host of multiple, widespread injuries to emphasize the fact that “the whole is greater then the sum of its parts.” Additional exhibits are typically developed and used to demonstrate some of the most significant injuries in greater detail.

3D Precision Diagnostics

MediVisuals’ exclusive NEW innovative 3D diagnostic imaging technology uses CT or MRI data to show clients’ actual anatomy more clearly and accurately than ever before. The end-product may be a video for viewing or an interactive digital model which can be rotated and enlarged by the user. Both formats are understandable to laypeople. This FDA cleared technology is currently in use at large medical facilities.