3D Precision Diagnostics

MediVisuals’ exclusive NEW innovative 3D diagnostic imaging technology uses CT or MRI data to show clients’ actual anatomy more clearly and accurately than ever before.  The end-product may be a video or an interactive digital model which can be rotated and enlarged by the user.  Both formats are easily understood by laypeople.  This FDA cleared technology is currently in use at large medical facilities.

ACTUAL Anatomy. ACTUAL Evidence.


Guaranteed to be admitted as evidence*

•   FDA Cleared Technology

•   Affidavit from expert neuroradiologist/radiologist

    confirming accuracy available upon request.

Cost effective: starting at $1195 per imaging study

Option to use unaltered scan data as an "interactive" that allows the user to rotate and magnify views

Optional demonstrative evidence uses of data:

•    Colors and textures added

•    Postoperative fixation hardware shown  

•    Fracture fragments reassembled and exploded

•    Abnormal anatomy made normal for comparative purposes

•    Biomechanical forces creating fractures

•    Injuries or pathology shown worsened or improved

How to Get Started

1.  There are 2 ways to submit your imaging studies and reports

A)  Mail all case studies and imaging reports to MediVisuals’ office at:

Attn: 3D Precision Diagnostics

MediVisuals, Inc.

2008 Libbie Ave., Suite 200

Richmond, VA 23226

- or -

B)  Submit a case information form (seen to the right) and upload imaging studies and reports electronically to MediVisuals' HIPAA compliant server.

2.  Receive an order confirmation.  MediVisuals will let you know if the data is sufficient (request form of payment).

3.  Final video is sent.

Case Information Form

View instructions on how to upload your MRI / CT images

Files will not upload unless zipped/compressed.If individual files exceed 2GB, please contact MediVisuals for instructions on uploading large files to their secure HIPAA compliant site.

Case Outcomes with use of 3D Precision Diagnostics

$13,000,000 Settlement at Trial - Failure to Timely Diagnose and Treat Bacterial Meningitis

Congratulations to Chuck Monnett of Charles G. Monnett III & Associates of Charlotte and Randy Scarlett of the Scarlett Law Group of San Francisco on successfully resolving a medical negligence case for a 1-year-old child who was admitted to a North Carolina Hospital for observation following skull fractures caused by...... (Read More)