MediVisuals' Custom Medical Legal Animations

MediVisuals specializes in developing custom animations that incorporate details from your client's medical records and radiological film studies. Demonstrative aids are essential in conveying the impressive and traumatic nature of your clients injuries. To be powerful and persuasive, an animated sequence needs to be created in a way that grasps and holds attention without oversimplifying the nature of the event. 

Diffuse Axonal Injuries: Invisible on MRI but Present on DTI, FA, or Tractography



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Neuron Injury Animation

$2,250 (first case per firm)

$600 (each subsequent case per firm)

This eight-minute animation accurately and effectively explains the complexities of traumatic axonal injury and neuron “suicide and murder.” It demonstrates how incidents of TBI can initially go undetected because symptoms may not be immediately evident, and areas of injury and cell death can be too small for traditional imaging studies to detect. These symptoms may progressively worsen as the cascade of cell death continues, ultimately resulting in devastating brain injuries that do not fully develop until weeks or months after  the initial incident.

Animation Stills: Click On Image to Enlarge

Close up of a neurons anatomy

Calcium ions flowing uncontrollably into a small tear in the membrane of an axon.

Close up of an injured axon and the release of self-destructive substances.

Injured axons release self-destructive substances, they begin to break down nearby, healthy, functional axons.

Destructive electrical and chemical impulses being discharged from a terminal bulb.

Multiple microscopic islands of injured axons, each consisting of axons - all too small to be visible on typical MRIs.