MediVisuals' Stock Medical Legal Animations

MediVisuals offers a large archive library of previously developed medical animations, developed by medical illustrators and medical experts, that are generally generic in nature and lend themselves to use in other similar medical legal cases. The categories below contain animations that were created for generic use. MediVisuals encourages you to review them so that you may appreciate the quality and innovation of their work. These medical legal animations can be purchased as is, or talk with a MediVisuals' experienced staff of medical illustrators to modify these animations to fit your needs. Contact MediVisuals about your next case!

Normal Cellular Uptake of Glucose





This animation very simply and understandably emphasizes the cellular uptake of glucose. Glucose from food enters the blood stream. When blood glucose increases, insulin is released from the pancreas. Insulin binds to glucose, enters the cell and the blood glucose levels return to normal.