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To expand our commitment to provide the most cost-effective medical visuals to the legal community, MediVisuals is proud to announce we are now the EXCLUSIVE provider of Blausen Medical animations for legal advertising and litigation. Blausen Medical has the world's largest collection of medical animations. Their high quality, accurate animations are also very effective when placed on legal websites -- not only improving the website SEO but also driving visitors to the firm site and keeping them there. Contact MediVisuals about your next case!


Multiple Sclerosis

The central nervous system comprises nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain and spinal cord. A fatty product called myelin surrounds most nerves in the body. Myelin allows the nerves to send clear electrical impulses faster and more effectively along the neurons.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder, which means that the body’s immune system turns against itself. This autoimmune response causes the protective myelin coating, or myelin sheath, to become inflamed and eventually destroyed in various places along the central nervous system.  This destruction of myelin is called demyelination.

This destructive process keeps the neurons from sending effective nerve signals. The signals become slowed, garbled, or blocked, causing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis to develop.

Symptoms of MS are varied and depend on the location of the myelin damage. Common symptoms are loss of muscle coordination, impaired vision, numbness or tingling sensations in the arms or legs, fatigue, and incontinence.

This disease can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms, which can last from days to months, may come and go without any pattern.

Licensing Rates


Fees quoted are for licensing the use of the animations to resolve or litigate disputes, restricted to use in one specific dispute, and the provided video will be subtly watermarked with the case caption (___v ___). 

Up to 30 secs:  $995
0:31 secs to 1:00:  $1,595
1:01 to 1:30:  $1,995
1:31 to 2:00:  $2,295
Over 2 minutes:  $2,495


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