MediVisuals' Stock Medical Legal Animations

MediVisuals offers a large archive library of previously developed medical animations, developed by medical illustrators and medical experts, that are generally generic in nature and lend themselves to use in other similar medical legal cases. The categories below contain animations that were created for generic use. MediVisuals encourages you to review them so that you may appreciate the quality and innovation of their work. These medical legal animations can be purchased as is, or talk with a MediVisuals' experienced staff of medical illustrators to modify these animations to fit your needs. Contact MediVisuals about your next case!

Spinal Cord Injury/Paralysis Animations


Cervical Cord Injury Resulting in 

Urinary Incontinence

$1,950 (first case per firm)

$250 (each subsequent case per firm)


This animation compares normal neurological control of the bladder to the loss of bladder control in an individual with a spinal cord injury.

Cervical Cord Injury Resulting in

Loss Motor and Sensory Function 


Cervical Cord Injury Resulting in

Fecal Incontinence


Cervical Cord Injury Resulting in

 Sexual Dysfunction