MediVisuals' Medical Legal Animations

MediVisuals specializes in developing custom animations that incorporate details from your client's medical records and radiological film studies. Demonstrative aids are essential in conveying the impressive and traumatic nature of surgical procedures. To be powerful and persuasive, an animated surgical procedure needs to be created in a way that grasps and holds attention without oversimplifying the invasive and forceful nature of the procedure. Proper foundation for surgical animations must be laid by the surgeon who performed the procedure to establish that the animation will be useful to him or her in explaining the surgical procedure to the jury.

Urogenital Animations

Radical Cystectomy, Pelvic Lymph Node Resection


Normal Female



Daily Self-Catheterization Procedure (Male)


Pelvic Mesh #MVI1405 

Normal Kidney Anatomy


Filtration of Contrast by the Normal Kidney #MVI1209b

Diabetic Kidney Function


Filtration of Contrast by the Diabetic Kidney