Simple vs. Realistic Animation

Simple Animation

Realistic Animation

Choosing the right exhibit for your case is critical. Discussing your budget and expectations up front is necessary for the best outcome for your case. In some cases a detailed illustration creates more impact then a poorly executed animation. 


The surgical procedure being compared in these animations is refered to as Intramedullary Rodding of the Femur.  The procedure begins with an incision at the kneed that exposes the knee joint. An intramedullary rod is tapped into the femur and across the fracture site. Surgical screws are inserted into the top end of the femur, through the rod and into the femoral head to secure the rod. Surgical screws are then typically placed into the bottom end of the femur and through the rod. The fractures become fixated.


The simple animation on the left does not show an incision and the rod and screws float into place. The Realistic animation on the right is a more accurate and truthful depiction of the the Intramedullary Rodding of the Femur surgery.