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Subdural Hematoma and Following Events

Subdural Hematoma and Following Events

Intradural Herniation and Tear of Bridging Vein

Intradural Herniation and Tear of Bridging Vein


When there is an impact against the skull, the brain continues in motion resulting in forces that cause an intradural herniation and tearing of the bridging vein.



  • Arachnoid trabeculae pull on arachnoid (suction on inner dural layer)
  • As brain moves toward side of impact, subarachnoid pressure is decreased. (suction on arachnoid and inner dural layer)
  • Bridging vein is stretched.
  • Tear of bridging vein occurs at inter-dural/subdural layer.


After impact:

  • Blood accumulates in intradural and subdural locations
  • Lower forces required to separate “potential space” between dura and arachnoid so hemorrhage expands between dura and arachnoid


Progression of subdural hematoma:

  • Hemorrhage continues along “potential” space between dura and subarachnoid
  • Stretches bridging vein (maybe eventually completely tears it).
  • Hemorrhage obliterates subarachnoid space and compresses brain.
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