Trial Presentation & Litigation Support

MediVisuals participates at any level of involvement you need throughout the trial preparation and litigation process. We offer professional setup & operation, in-trial on-the-fly graphic creation, and more. Please contact MediVisuals for more information.

Advantages of Visual Presentations

Quick Access to Exhibits

With MediVisuals’ service, all you have to do is indicate a callout number to have your exhibit appear on the screen instantly, at any time during the trial.  The number os exhibits at your disposal is virtually unlimited.

Various Display Options

Many courtrooms now have monitors and inputs.  We set up and test our equipment with those inputs ahead of trial.  If a courtroom does not have that option we provide large projection screens so every important detail of your displayed images will be easily visible by jury members.

Highlighting & Zooming

Have the jury focus on specifics by zooming in on and/or highlighting important areas while images are being projected. Other annotations, such as arrows, can also be applied. Additionally, a laser pointer is supplied so that you or your expert can easily identify items within the images.

Depositions, Videos, and Animations
We sync transcripts to deposition videos and can quickly edit them according to designations.  We can also edit on the fly.  Other videos and animations can be displayed on the big screen with sound when applicable.
Experienced Operator

A MediVisuals Trial Presentation Team member will be there to make sure the equipment and presentation run smoothly. Quick changes can be made during trial to most digital files (such as jury instructions and opening/closing statements), and parts of an exhibit unpublishable to the jury can be redacted.  The team member can also work with the attorney after hours to prepare for the next day in court.

What MediVisuals Offers
  • Professional setup and operation
  •  In-trial, on-the-fly graphics creation and alteration
  •  After-hours consultation and preparation

Choose Your Level of Service

MediVisuals will participate at whatever level of involvement you prefer throughout the trial preparation process. From the beginning, help can be given in organizing the presentation, new slides and visuals can be created, and case records can be reviewed for the production of medical illustrations and animations. During trial, new slides can be developed in the evenings. Alternately, our technician can simply display your prepared presentation. What can MediVisuals do for you?

How Does It Work?

A MediVisuals trial / mediation presentation service team member will meet with you to discuss the case and collect physical or digital files to be displayed. All files will be digitized, uploaded ……Read More

Opening / Closing Statements & Mediations

MediVisuals creates slideshow presentations for mediations and opening / closing statements. They will work with you to develop a presentation and can create case-specific slides to help support your argument ……Read More

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