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MediVisuals’ products and services include medical illustrations, animations, 3D digital models, 3D printed models, interactive digital presentations and Trial Presentation Services.  MediVisuals provides the highest level of worry-free service available including superior medical case consultation and the development of accurate, cost-effective medical visual solutions for all your litigation needs. MediVisuals' primary service is the conceptualization and development of medical legal illustrations and trial exhibits that make medical and technical expert testimony more understandable and memorable, contributing to just resolution of litigation. The company has more than 33 years of experience working with some of the nation's leading M.D.s , Ph.D.s, attorneys, and trial consultants.


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Lance J. LaFortune, BS

Executive Vice President

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Tara Rose, MA 

Medical Illustrator

Interactive Programmer

Sales / Visual Consultant

Rob Choi, BFA

Trial & Mediation

Presentation Specialist    


" Rob Choi, of [MediVisuals], provided me with technical support in a recent, high value, medical malpractice trial. I know that every lawyer who uses technology in the courtroom lives in fear that the technology will fail. Those concerns can detract from the trial lawyer’s presentation. Rob’s presence alleviated those fears. Rob was prompt and efficient in all of his work, and the visual presentations, including those prepared during the trial, were powerful and glitch-free. He prepared power point slides during the trial with a short turnaround time, and offered thoughtful suggestions as to the content and format of slides. I think that the visual aids were an important component in obtaining a favorable verdict, and I would not hesitate to use Rob in the future."


Thomas G. Smith, Esq.

Shevlin Smith

Fairfax, Virginia


Illustrations & Animations

Developed to accurately demonstrate specific & unique injuries, surgeries, etc., that cannot be adequately demonstrated through the use of stock exhibits .....


Illustrations & Animations

Previously developed images that are generic in nature and lend themselves to use in similar cases. MediVisuals has a few ways to purchase stock exhibits .....


Actual Evidence

Cutting-Edge Technology using ACTUAL Patient Data. The newest and most advanced technology in 3D videos & images available to trial lawyers .....


Presentation Services

Any level of involvement you need throughout the trial preparation and litigation process.  They offer professional setup & operation, In trial on-the-fly graphic creation .....

Examples of Cost Effective, Case Specific Exhibits...

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After a brief discussion, MediVisuals consultants can advise you regarding the case records needed in order to propose visuals for you and your testifying expert to approve. Proposals include: exhibit descriptions, fees, and color samples of exhibits developed for similar cases when available.



*Complementary up to 4 hours (covers 90% of cases)

Connect to store.medivisuals.com to browse stock medical images that best lend themselves to reuse in multiple personal injury cases. These medical legal exhibits are available for purchase and immediate download to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Images purchased are projection resolution and available for $395.

MediVisuals' Virginia Client Testimonials

"One of the qualities I find most impressive about MediVisuals is their ability to analyze my case facts and issues and then translate abstract or difficult-to-communicate concepts and arguments into very easy to understand illustrations or animations."

Irvin V. Cantor, Esq.
Cantor Stoneburner Ford Grana & Buckner
Richmond, VA

"Using illustrations prepared by MediVisuals, we settled a case for over 27 times the specials. The adjuster informed us that without the illustrations, the offer would have been less than 3 times the specials because neither he nor his supervisor would have ever appreciated the extent of our client's injuries. Illustrations from MediVisuals have added thousands of dollars to the value of our clients' cases."

S. Geoffrey Glick, Esq.
Joel Bieber Firm
Richmond, Virginia

Dear MediVisuals:

I wanted to let you know that we confidentially resolved [our] case. The illustrations that were prepared were excellent and helped us to achieve an excellent resolution of the case. Thank you for your time and efforts!

Anthony Marc Russell, Esq.
Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore
Roanoke, Virginia

Dear MediVisuals:

Thank you again for your help in my recent case. My co-counsel, Stephen Smith, and I appreciate your efforts. The final outcome of the case was a verdict in excess of $45,000,000.00, which when the interest is added, exceeds $60,000,000.00. We believe that the exhibits you prepared were of great assistance in helping the jurors understand the severity of the physical injuries suffered by our client to his leg, and also the brain injury he sustained. Our primary issue in the case was to educate the jury about our client's brain injury and also the permanent nature of the orthopaedic injury. We were able to utilize the illustrations you prepared with virtually every medical expert and also the vocational experts in the case to portray visually the devastating injuries our client suffered. Even the trial judge commented on the exhibits and how well they portrayed the injuries. Since this was a nine day trial, we believe that it was important to keep the jurors interested in the trial proceedings and your exhibits helped to accomplish the mission. We were able to introduce all of the exhibits into evidence because the doctors uniformly agreed that they were accurate depictions of the injuries and with regard to the brain injury, an accurate recitation of the problems associated with the brain injury, in addition to the depiction of the brain and the forces exerted upon it.

Thank you again for your work, and particularly, for your cooperation given the short time frame we faced in preparing these exhibits.

Sincerely yours,

Francis P. Hajek, Esq.
Wilson, Hajek & Shapiro, P.C.
Virginia Beach, Virginia