For more than 30 years, MediVisuals’ illustrations and animations have aided attorneys in winning billions of dollars in successful outcomes. MediVisuals provides the highest level of worry-free service available including the development of accurate, cost-effective, and persuasive visual solutions for all your litigation needs.

MediVisuals is the nation’s largest and most experienced medical demonstrative evidence provider. Our specialty is the conceptualization and development of powerful, and accurate visuals that make medical and technical expert testimony understandable and memorable. The company consults on thousands of medically related cases each year and has more than three decades of experience working with many of the nation’s leading attorneys, M.D.s, Ph.D.’s, and trial consultants.

But we’re more than medical illustrators. Our Trial Presentation Services can give you the edge in the courtroom. We handle all of your courtroom technology needs, allowing you to concentrate on delivering your case to the jury. MediVisuals participates at any level of involvement you need throughout the litigation process. From creating mediation presentations to consultation in the trial preparation stage and presenting in the courtroom, we offer professional setup, operation, in-trial on-the-fly graphics creation and more

Contact ​​​​​​​MediVisuals for a prompt and comprehensive response to your case needs.

MediVisuals’ Products Include:

MediVisuals have the nation’s largest private staff of professional medical-legal illustrators and animators, all of whom hold master’s degrees from accredited Medical Illustration programs in North America. MediVisuals works with clients in all 50 United States and internationally.

Contact MediVisuals for a prompt and comprehensive response to your case needs. Having several products to choose from, MediVisuals’ senior medical illustrator consultants will recommend the best solutions for each individual case. You and your client will benefit from MediVisuals’ exceptional knowledge and experience in medical demonstrative evidence.

Areas of Specialization

  • Personal Injury
  • Mass Tort Litigation
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Malpractice