Trial Presentation & Litigation Support

MediVisuals participates at any level of involvement you need throughout the litigation process.  From creating mediation presentations to consultation in the trial preparation stage and presenting in the courtroom, we offer professional setup, operation, in-trial on-the-fly graphics creation and more.  Please contact our trial presentation team for more information.

How Does It Work?

A MediVisuals trial / mediation presentation service team member will meet with you to discuss the case and collect physical or digital files to be displayed. All files will be digitized, uploaded ……Read More

Opening / Closing Statements & Mediations

MediVisuals creates slideshow presentations for mediations and opening / closing statements. They will work with you to develop a presentation and can create case-specific slides to help support your argument ……Read More

Advantages of Visual Presentations

With MediVisuals’ service, you can indicate a number or scan a barcode to have your exhibit appear on the screen instantly, at any time during the trial. The number of exhibits at our disposal is …….Read More


I was totally blown-away by Rob Choi in a recent jury trial that I had at York Country. MediVisuals had prepared the illustrations and I made the wise decision to retain Rob to handle all of the audiovisual work during the trial. He stayed one step ahead of me throughout the trial. He did a fine job and I will certainly plan to reach out to Rob for next jury that I have.

Joe Verser, Esq.
Health, Old & Verser, P.L.C.

I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Choi of MediVisuals as a visual consultant and trial evidence presenter on several significant jury trials over the last 8 years and continue to work with him. Rob is fabulous at what he does, and is a real asset to the trial team. He creates high impact Power-point presentations and demonstrative exhibits, often on the fly, and under high pressure. Rob is seamless in his presentation of evidence and can edit video depositions faster than anyone I know. I won’t use anyone else.

Jonathan Halperin, Esq.
Halperin Law Center

Some adjectives and descriptions (not requested by Rob) regarding Rob and his performance during my 10 day trials:
Terrific fellow. Knows every inch of what he’s doing. Flexible even under enormous pressure and time crunch. Creative. Hears what I request, but, better, understands what I mean, and then delivers. Perhaps best – he is simultaneously working with and rooting for us… wholly a member of one’s team …
Most welcome when, as here, the team is small.
He has my best praise and thanks.
I want this guy in the trenches with me.

Doug Wessel, Esq.
Wessel Law Offices

Rob Choi, of MediVisuals, Inc., provided me with technical support in a recent, high value, medical malpractice trial. Rob was prompt and efficient in all of his work, and the visual representations, including those prepared during the trial, were powerful and glitch-free. he prepared PowerPoint slides during the trial with short turnaround time, and offered thoughtful suggestions as to the content and format of the slides. I think that the visual aids were an important component in obtaining a favorable verdict, and I would not hesitate to use Rob in the future.

Thomas G. Smith
Shevlin Smith, Fairfax, VA

Rob and MediVisuals were exceptional in trial support for us in a recent case. Over the multiday trial, they went above and beyond to assist with the graphics, videos, PowerPoint, and presentation of evidence that helped keep the jurors engaged and aid in the understanding of our case.
I highly recommend.

Brody Reid, Esq.
Reid Goodwin
Powerful visuals for every phase of litigation