Trial Presentation & Litigation Support

Trial Presentation & Litigation Support

MediVisuals participates at any level of involvement you need throughout the litigation process.  From creating mediation presentations to consultation in the trial preparation stage and presenting in the courtroom, we offer professional setup, operation, in-trial on-the-fly graphics creation and more.  Please contact our trial presentation team for more information.

How Does It Work?

A MediVisuals trial / mediation presentation service team member will meet with you to discuss the case and collect physical or digital files to be displayed. All files will be digitized, uploaded ……Read More

Opening / Closing Statements & Mediations

MediVisuals creates slideshow presentations for mediations and opening / closing statements. They will work with you to develop a presentation and can create case-specific slides to help support your argument ……Read More

Advantages of Visual Presentations

With MediVisuals’ service, you can indicate a number or scan a barcode to have your exhibit appear on the screen instantly, at any time during the trial. The number of exhibits at our disposal is …….Read More


MediVisuals is the best in America

MediVisuals is the best in America when it comes to Medical Exhibits–end of story!!!! Superlative quality–expedited responsiveness–smart & sensible pricing! These folks simply understand “visualizing” a case for the jury…