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Since 1984, MediVisuals, has provided the highest level of worry-free service available, including superior case consultation and the development of accurate, cost-effective visual solutions for all litigation needs. MediVisuals welcomes all clients to provide testimonials of their experience with MediVisuals. Please share your comments by Contacting Us.

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MediVisuals is the best in America when it comes to Medical Exhibits–end of story!!!! Superlative quality–expedited responsiveness–smart & sensible pricing! These folks simply understand “visualizing” a case for the jury better than the rest. This is why MediVisuals is on our team for every trial!”

John Romano, Esq.
Romano Law Group
West Palm Beach, Florida

The difference between winning and losing centers upon juror comprehension, and that’s where MediVisuals’ expertise proves invaluable.”

Mark W. Tanner, Esq
Feldman, Shepherd, Wohlgelernter & Tanner
Philadelphia, PA

Each and every time I have used MediVisuals, the expense has been worth it many times over.”

John M. Hochfelder, Esq.
Law Firm of John M. Hochfelder
White Plains, NY

I used the [exhibit] yesterday in deposition of ortho surgeon, Dr. King. He was impressed by the illustrations, particularly the one of the surgery and said that it was the best he had seen, and it looked like you had been at the surgery.

Gene Brooks IV, Esq.
Brooks Law Firm
Savannah, GA

The exhibits prepared by the MediVisuals team were impactful and compelling. I still wince when looking at them. They clearly played a critical role in helping the defense see what the jury would feel when viewing the exhibits.”

Charles B. Draper, Esq.
Draper Law Office
Kissimmee, FL

When I need to explain difficult-to-understand medical issues to a jury, I go to MediVisuals. Their animations and demonstrative pictures are invaluable in the presentation of a case. MediVisuals works with you to accomplish your goals in putting the best final product before a jury for a price that makes sense for your case. After working with MediVisuals on several cases, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Patrick A. Salvi II, Esq.
Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices
Chicago, Illinois

MediVisuals’ illustrations impressed my treating doctors and, perhaps more importantly, the defense attorney and his clients. The treating surgeon is a teaching physician at Duke and requested copies of the illustrations to help train his residents.”

Richard Watson, Esq.
Richard Watson Law, PLLC
Durham, NC

MediVisuals’ knowledge of anatomy and medicine is remarkable; their ability to create accurate and powerful demonstrative aids is unmatched.”

Jim Vititoe, Esq.
Vititoe Law Group, LLC
Westlake Village, CA

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