Medical Legal Animations

MediVisuals is always innovating new methods for visualizing and communicating medical concepts, injuries, and surgeries. Their experienced team of medical illustrators can modify stock medical animations to fit your needs or provide you with a complimentary consultation to develop an animation that is customized to your case. Contact MediVisuals to discuss your case.

When I need to explain difficult-to-understand medical issues to a jury, I go to MediVisuals. Their animations and demonstrative pictures are invaluable in the presentation of a case. MediVisuals works with you to accomplish your goals in putting the best final product before a jury for a price that makes sense for your case. After working with MediVisuals on several cases, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Patrick A. Salvi II, Esq.
Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices
Chicago, Illinois

Animation Videos

Custom animations are developed to accurately demonstrate specific injuries, surgeries, etc., that are relatively unique and cannot be adequately demonstrated through the use of stock animations. You and your client will benefit from MediVisuals knowledge and experience in medical demonstrative evidence.

Mass Tort Animations

MediVisuals has developed animations to both help collect cases as well as to use in settlement or trial of these types of mass torts. To arrange use of these animations for either purpose – or to commission development of other animations or images, please contact MediVisuals.