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Segment 4:
What Type of Exhibits are Typically Created for Injured Clients?
Building Credibility and a Persuasive Case in Favor of Your Client
  • A majority of cases involve cervical disc injuries/spine injuries.
  • On a typical spinal injury case, MediVisuals takes the imaging studies (on which it is hard to see what is “going on” without having the knowledge to read films) and illustrate over the scan to accurately depict the area of injury, which makes it a lot easier to visualize and see the relevance to the case.
  • Showing the scan beside the accurate and detailed illustration of the scan helps identify and explain the area of injury.
  • In a digital format, showing the scan and having the accurate and detailed illustration slowly appearing over it and then dissolving away is a powerful way of visualizing an injury. This type of visual allows you to build credibility and build a persuasive case in favor of your client.
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Segment 1:
What are Medical-Legal Illustrators & What Makes Them “Good”?
Segment 2:
Focus on Accuracy:
Increase the Value of Your Case with the RIGHT Exhibits
Segment 3:
The Art of Persuasion: Working with Top Experts to Develop Visuals that Work for the Legal Market
Segment 4:
What Type of Exhibits are Typically Created for Injured Clients?
Segment 5:
Visualizing Surgeries
Segment 6:
Delivery of a Case
Segment 7:
Benefits of Using Medical Illustrations & Animations
Segment 8:
Using Medical Illustrations to Correlate a Pre-Existing Injury to a Traumatic Event
Segment 9:
Be Prepared to Go to Trial
Segment 10:
What Questions Should be Asked to Pick the Right Medical Illustration Company?
Segment 11:
How Doctors Interact with the Exhibits
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