Betsy Milburn

Project Coordinator


Betsy has spent her life sampling many levels and variety of jobs while single parenting four children. Originally a degree in Marine Biology led to variety of jobs not related to Marine Biology. The most fun and creative job has been arranging and creating floral displays for upscale weddings/events. While seemingly just a pretty thing, this is a complex process that in the rewards with a grand visual output. The most satisfying would be the jobs of helping other navigating life during life changing events. Betsy has learned that all people have their struggles, but that does not negate their own accomplishments. We all need a helping hand sometimes. The hardest job(the unpaid one) would be raising children into adults- this is a process that is forever shifting and changing for both parent and child. The learning never stops which in Betsy’s opinion is something that should be applied throughout one’s life-never stop learning.


Betsy lives in Richmond, VA and is an avid gardener and would eventually like to eliminate all the grass in her yard. She is a parent of 4 children, most of whom are now young adults. Betsy is heavily involved in education advocacy locally and at the state level. She has held every PTA job there is through the years and headed up many community events for school communities. Betsy also enjoys kayaking, river walks and photography (especially of the river).