Doug Haring, CMI

Visual Consultant


  • Medical College of Georgia, 2003-2005

    Master of Science in Medical Illustration

  • Lebanon Valley College, 1997-1998

    Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts

  • Pennsylvania School of Art and Design, 1987-1990

    Diploma in Fine Arts

  • Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI)

    Board Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) since 2011


Doug joined the MediVisuals team in 2005 upon graduation from the Medical College of Georgia. He previously worked in New York City as a plumber, an artist, and photographer. Doug also taught Fine Arts at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

Fun Facts

Doug is MediVisuals’ retired motocross and enduro racer. After years of dirt bike racing, he now rides mountain bikes several times a week as well as motorcycle adventures in the mountains. Doug’s oldest daughter attends Liberty University. His younger daughter plays lacrosse for her high school and plays for the Richmond Generals ice hockey team.

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