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When diagnosing a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, not all injuries leave evidence that is visible on traditional CTs and MRIs. Typical MRIs can only detect a physical defect in the brain the size of a pin head. Tens of thousands of axons can travel through an area that size, which makes it easier to understand how large numbers of axons can be torn or injured without being evident on an MRI. Advances in MRI based neuroimaging techniques such as Diffusion Tensor Imaging, or DTI, have enabled objective evidence of diffuse axonal shearing, microscopic bleeds, and lack of water flow due to brain damage.


MediVisuals innovative Fiber Tract Color MappingTM is an animation combining 3D fiber tract visual technology and client specific DTI. Our product helps illustrate the location of the microstructural disruption to the white matter fiber tracts to better correlate and explain neurocognitive and behavioral deficits after a TBI.


In today’s visual world, jurors respond well to visuals. Research shows the average juror is more likely to remember what they see rather than what they hear, so incorporating visual evidence is crucial. When an expert is giving their opinion, illustrative aids can help the jury better understand the case facts. As a result, the ability to prove brain injuries in a legal setting is clearer, more objective, and easier for a lay person to understand and to visualize, leading to better case outcomes.


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